Company Overview

Visualise Modelling is an independent modelling facility to which companies and organisations specialising in simulation and construction may turn to for 3D modelling, texture production and technical support on all aspects of visual model production.

Set up and run by Andy Mills, Visualise Modelling undertakes contracts for both military and commercial simulation, driving applications, urban projects and architectural visualisations. In conjunction to this we also provide consultation services, from customer/client liaison to visual system specification and integration on a variety of visual applications.

Visualise Modelling also has current MOD security clearance and always works with the upmost discretion on all contracts.

Visualise Modelling can generate a wide range of visual models to suite your individual needs.

There is also an extensive
Model Library covering almost every area of simulation where individual models can be purchased.

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 Individual Model Construction
Created to any specification, the model above is a highly accurate representation of a Sikorsky helicopter. It has multiple LOD's and utilises full unique RGB texture. The model library is increasing all the time with a wide range of 'off the shelf' models available.

 Commercial and Military Visuals
Fixed and rotary wing simulation, tank and maritime. Individual models/components to complete visual scenes.