Visualise Modelling has experience in 3D real-time modelling and simulation at the highest technical level with knowledge of the following visual platforms.

Link Miles IMAGE IV, V and PT
Thomson Space Classic
CAE MaxVue
Equipe BlueSky
Open Flight for SGI/PC platforms
Mak (DIS Interoperability)
CDB (Common Database Format)
Genesis Real_Time

Equipped to meet the complex and technically challenging world of real-time visual creation, with expertise covering the following areas of production.

Commercial airline simulation

Commercial maritime simulation

Military simulation:
   Fixed Wing
   Ground Vehicles

Air Sea Rescure / Emergency Services

Driver Training

Train Simulation

Urban Simulation

Architectural Walkthroughs

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 Architectural/Construction Projects

The model above shows a 3D Real-Time architectural model, providing both planners and residents with an idea of the building yet to be built.

 Urban Regeneration Schemes

The database above was created for an urban regeneration project at the city station. It is now being used for a series of public consultations and will be updated as the plan developes. In full real-time the database is populated by cars, buses and trams moving through the scene showing the excellent transport links available.