Utilising industry standard tools such as Multigen Creator, Vega real-time and Adobe Photoshop, Visualise Modelling offers a range of modelling and texture generation facilities.

3D real-time database creation for land, sea and airborne applications.

3D real-time environmental scenes

Individual model construction

Model upgrades and enhancments

Unique and Generic texture production

Consultancy on a variety of visual applications

Data collection


Finished databases can be exported into a variety of formats including:

Open Flight (.flt)
VBS2 (.pbo)

VRML (.wrl)
Collada (.dae)

Xplane (.obj)
AutoCad (.dxf)

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 Dusk/Night Visuals
This example contains individual light points as well as emissive texture patterns for town areas and floodlight pools.

 Town Planning
The visual above utilises unique photo-texture and was constructed mainly from AutoCAD data.