Town Planning / Urban Simulation Gallery



 These images show a selection of models constructed for a European town wanting to expand its Tram network across playing fields. This database helped to visualise the impact on the environment and overcome issues with gradients and track design.


 All the models in this section have been constructed to assist in planning applications and strategic development plans. They range from individual building applications to extensive Urban regeneration schemes. They have been used in a variety of ways to illustrate ideas and concepts for both planning committees and in public consultations.


 The model below was developed for a city council. The tasks ranged from the development of a completely new sports complex to re-generation and development of the former site. This is an on-going project and close work with the architect has seen the database updated and refined to full development standard. The stadium model will be used still further to refine seating, disabled access and general facilities layout.




 In the same city a requirement was flagged to update the market area. This process is on-going but the first stage can be seen below with the construction of the existing area and buildings in preparation for future development plans. Illustrated is the main Corn Exchange building.