Military Simulation Gallery



The models above are the desert camo version of the Apache AH-64 Longbow and kaki varient of the Merlin EH101. Both have multiple LOD's with main and rear rotors on DOF's. Full unique RGB texture is utilised and they have a full navigation lights. The terrains are generic British fields and generic Desert with coastline and sea. They utilise full photographic quality texure throughout and cover approximately 100 Sq NM each.


 The models shown here are phototextured Tornado IDS, Desert Hawk, Reaper and Watchkeeper UAVs. These models are highly detailed representations for extremely close proximity use. The Tornado model has many features including pilot with working hand signals, opening cockpit and working air brakes. 5 LOD's from 2500 tris down to 29 tris means the model is extremely flexible and effiecient


The ships and helicopter models in this section are highly accurate representations utilising multiple LOD's and full RGB colour texture. The ship models Type23 and Type22 Frigates of the U.K. Navy are detailed enough to enable deck landings. The terrain in the background is a generic 'European Type' coastline. In the full application rotor downwash and ship wakes are dynamically controlled adding to realism, speed and height cues.


The ship model above is HMS Bulwark, an Albion class vessel. The customer required that the model was extremely high detail with particular attention paid to the landing deck in order that accurate helicopter manouuvers can be carried out. Multiple LOD's and unique RGB colour photo texture give excellent realism. With 6000 tris in the Very High LOD and just 40 in the Very Low LOD the model is highly complex yet very efficient.

All models pictured in this section consist of desert camouflage ground vehicles. They all utilise full photographic texture patterns and most have IR varients and a variety of camouflage textures available. The models pictured are Gaz66, FV432 Bulldog, Maz 543 Scud launcher, Bushmaster IMV, Leyland DAF DROPS, Pinzgauer Vector, Hagglund Bv206, Landrover WIMIK, Landrover Wolf, Mastiff PPV and Scimitar CVR (T). All have multiple LOD's and where applicable interiors and drivers with translucent glass.