As the customer, you have the flexibility of utilising Visualise Modelling's skills as and when you need them. This may be for a number of reasons:

During periods of high work load e.g. leading up to a customer acceptance or important contractual milestone.

The production of a large contract where help is required throughout the duration of the project.

Periodic utilisation of Visualise Modelling for the production of 3D models, textures and environmental scenes.

Assistance in the generation of demonstration scenarios.

Independent consultancy during the review and acceptance of visual databases being generated via a sub-contractor.

Data collection and advice on visual modelling techniques.

With Visualise Modelling you can tailor a flexible working arrangement to suit your time-scale and contractual demands. Short term contracts of a few days or longer term projects can all be accommodated to suit your requirements.

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 Environmental Impact Studies
A wide variety of environmental and planning issues can be addressed utilising Real-Time technology and the highly realistic photo-textured models.

 Interior Walkthroughs
Interior walkthrough visuals can be created. Allowing potential purchasrs/tennents to assess the internal space and layout.