Architectural Modelling Gallery

 The following images show a proposal for an ultra modern building at a crucial ' entrance point ' to a large town. This building would be a landmark site and the construction, look and siteing of the building was extensively revised and viewed by developers, architects and local planning department. The budget was small but was sufficient to model the neccessary buildings and environment in order to get a good feel for what would be appropriate.




 The images below show a model constructed to assist the developers when presenting designs to the town council. The model was used extensively to refine the building scale and design in order that the final structure was acceptable to both the local council and developer. One major concern was how the mature trees would screen the development from neighbouring properties. The visual proved the sizeable trees would provide both privacy and mature landscaping for a the large scale building proposed. The model utilises full photographic texture of the surrounding buildings and trees etc.. The proposed building itself was highly detailed containing dentil work, cornicing and specially designed ballustrding to the architects specification.




 The images below show a model constructed to assist architects in assessing material types, colour and the effect of fine detail such as railing patterns, soldier coursing and window reveals. The model was also used to present the scheme to local residents as well as give prospective purchasers an excellent view of the apartments in a prime location. The last two images show the extensive views made up of a combination of 3D modelling and 2D billboarding.




 The images below show a model constructed to help in the task of selling the properties. The model was constructed to show the courtyard gardens and the views from all the balconies, giving a 'Wow Factor' to the whole project. The interior was intended to give a flavour of the accommodation and included a complete 2 bed apartment with views over the courtyard garden and of the surrounding scenery beyond.